Treasure Box Items From Wal*Mart July 3rd

$5 ~ 12 Silly Band packages (25 cents each!) &
8 packs of playing cards (also 25 cents each!)
Our quick little trip to Wal*Mart for doggie food paid off, I love their clearance table!


  1. You are a brave lady! I try to keep SillyBandz AWAY from my room and here you are bringing them in! LOL!

    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  2. Oh my goodness, where was your post last night when I needed some sense talked into me!! What a disaster!
    Everyone bought the SillyBandz, bad sign number one! Then during the day they were everwhere, on their pencils, over their ears, on the floor & worse ~ in their mouths! Blah! :( SillyBandz are no longer allowed! I told them if they buy up the "leftovers" next week, I will hold them until the 12:00 dismissal!!! :)


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