When my hubby retired from the Navy last summer, they ask that the spouses attend the TAP class with them. TAP stands for Transition Assistance Program, which helps with the paperwork, resumes, insurance, etc. ~ everything needed for the transition to civilian life.
The very first guest speaker held up a gallon Ziploc bag of screws and he asked the room, "What is this?" Well you can only imagine all the smart-alecky answers he got from a room of men with 20 - 30 years Navy experience. When everyone quit laughing, he said, "This is a very bad morning for a single mom." You could have heard a pin drop.
He told everyone that the screws in the bag was his collection that he picks up off of the road while he is running. When he sees a screw in the road, he said he imagines the single mom driving to work, trying to get the two kids to day care & getting a flat tire from this one screw. She now has the problem of getting the tire off the car, the cost of a new tire and labor, keeping the kids safe by the side of the road & being late for her job, which probably is an hourly wage job which will dock her for being late. All he had to do was stop, bend down, pick it up and then continue on his run. It cost him 5 seconds of his day tops!
So today I looked down in the Walgreens parking lot & there it was, my first opportunity to pick up one, little, teeny, tiny screw. 5 seconds tops! I would like to think that someone got to work on time & without any problems because of me today! :)

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  1. oh tears.......what a great little story and wonderful food for thought!! Thanks for sharing!

    4th Grade Frolics


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