TPT Money in the Bank!!! Items Purchased For My Classroom!

So this time last summer I was praying to God to get me back into Clay County, the district I had grown up in and taught in before we moved to Texas....this summer, I'm giddy to be the team leader and teaching 3rd again!! As I teach Summer Reading Camp I have been staying late some each day and working on my room. We have to pack up each summer so the room can get a good cleaning, but at least everything will be organized! I'm so excited! ♫ ♪ Snoopy Happy Dance! ♪ ♫
My TeachersPayTeachers money dropped into my account Friday {like clockwork ~ love that company!} and I hit Wal*Mart. {Big thank you to all my buyers!}
I bought:
3 large storage containers to store all the great Treasure Box items!
$29 dollars of the least expensive material I could find so my hubby can make my five curtains & 2 shelf covers/curtains. {The Navy taught him to sew, I know, he's a Keeper!}
5 curtain rods
2 spring curtain rods for the shelves
2 packages of fish stickers & scraping items ~ not sure how I'll use them, but I feeling crafty after reading the other blogs!  :)
$75 zipped by real fast, stay tuned for whatelse I can find! :)

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