TeachersPayTeachers $$Money$$ & Motivational Email!

I got this lovely little email on Friday ~

Dear TpT Sellers, Here is your cash money for your hard-earned sales :) ... {some other stuff} .... Top 10, who this past quarter earned the following amounts: $61,754.79 $23,628.53 $13,859.67 $13,191.60 $12,941.50 $8,079.59 $7,258.86 $6,755.50 $6,517.97 $6,225.86 I expect everyone's earnings to at least double next year, and many will far surpass that. On TpT, you get as much as you put in, just as in life! Sincerest regards and have a terrific Summer! Paul Edelman Founder, TpT

I ♥love Paul for founding this web site & I just plain ♥love TeachersPayTeachers! It finally makes me feel that teachers are worthy & what we do and what we make is important to others! These top sellers are my heroes, they get to teach and do what they love, but still make a quality product that helps their family have a little extra! I want to thank EVERYONE who thought my stuff was 'good enough' to invest in! Also, if you have never been, go check it out! It is FREE to join & there are tons of FREE DOWNLOADS! Click here if you would like to join under me, I get nothing unless you start to sell. Then I get a little bit of TPT's profit, not yours! Thanks! :)

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