Kid Friendly Upcycle Project Directions

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Kid Friendly Upcycle Recycle Project Directions Printable
 Recycle Project ~ Drums!
Looking for something new for your classroom next year?
Want to send home more family projects and less homework?
I've made this direction sheet for your classroom for a terrific upcycle / recycle project. This project is terrific for your first month of school, because it is one that everyone can be successful at and it requires very little cost. Fill in the blank on the Due Date section and when everyone returns their project it makes for a terrific display for Open House. You can also turn it into a literacy activity by having one morning where everyone has a turn giving a small speech about their project.
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Earth Day Kid Friendly Upcycle Project Directions
Click here to print it!
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