Family Favorite Recipe ~ Three Ingredient Cocktail Weenies!

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Crock-pot Three Ingredient Cocktail Weenies!
Just In Time for Your Christmas Parties!
I was looking over some of my favorite recipes and wanted to share this family favorite with you! 
So, this is a family favorite and it so EASY to make! It is also so fun to say, and yes, we're an immature family, we accent the word WEENIES! When we're getting ready for a family party someone always has to  say, "Don't forget we need to make the cocktail weeeeenies!"
* 2 packages Little Smokies Cocktail Wieners
1 bottle of BBQ Sauce
{We like to use Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Sauce or Sweet Vidalia Onion}
* 2 cups grape jelly

Combine BBQ sauce and grape jelly in the crock-pot, it will look lumpy, but that is OK, it will melt down smooth. Next, add the weeeeenies! Cover, cook on LOW for 6 to 8 hours. 
It is that easy!

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