Back to School Supplies ~ I Love and Adore Markers!

Fern Smith's Blog Post on Loving Markers and Organization!
Yep! This is my desk at home!
**~ Summer Fun Rerun ~**
July 2016
Sure, sure, you might be laughing, you might think I've gone a little over board with arranging my markers in somewhat of a rainbow pattern....but do you have teenagers? If not, move along to the next picture. But if you do, you can relate. We have always been those mean parents, the ones that made our children use the Internet in the family room, the dining room, my office, anywhere we could monitor them. They are older now and we're proud of the job we've done raising them. They have fancy phones and computers in their rooms, so now, I have my office back. If I need a pen or a paperclip, stick notes or stamps, nobody has been messing with them. Those of you with little babies, I told you to move on, you're shakin' that teacher head of yours and thinking, "Not my kids." Do you hear that? That is the sound of all of my followers with teenagers and grown kids laughing hysterically at you! Yep, so this is my drawer. It makes me so happy, I own it, I'm good with admitting it!
Fern Smith's Blog Post on Loving Markers and Organization! 
It just wouldn't be back to school time without Mr. Sketch and Sharpie markers. This year I found 80's Glam Sharpies at S&S Worldwide. The front label says, Jellie Pink, Leg Warmer Orange, Banana Clip Yellow, to name a few. If this makes no sense to you, I'll admit, I'm old, I think these are hysterical!
It has become a family tradition, my daughter and I sniff the Mr. Sketch markers immediately and my husband mumbles something about not being allowed to sniff markers growing up! It wouldn't be back to school if he didn't make that same old joke!
Fern Smith's Blog Post on Loving Markers and Organization!
These are the six fat highlighters I bought, I gave up trying to photograph them. The plastic wrapper must have sounded like something tasty was inside, so here's today's photobomb. 
Scotty McHottie and Calvin Klein send you their love!
Fern Smith's Blog Post on Loving Markers and Organization!
These were at the Dollar Spot at Target. I actually bought them for a friend and now I can't find them, so I'll have to go back. She introduced me to the greatest video, Why We Need Common Core: "I Choose C..."
If you are in a grade that has state testing, you will probably find this funnier than the primary teachers. I hear "I choose C." repeatedly in my head now due to this video.
Fern Smith's Blog Post on Loving Markers and Organization!
Last, I'll leave you with this picture. Once again we're at Home Depot, I think it would be easier to drive by the parking lot and just throw money. My mother-in-law is a Master Gardener here in Florida. We buy what she tells us, but my beloved Crepe Myrtles will just not bloom this year. But that's a story for another post. So after I swung by the paint sample cards, I was mesmerized with this display. These items are sturdy and more expensive than what we need for the classroom, but boy, oh, boy did they scream out organization to me!
How about you? 
What do you ♥love to have to start the school year?
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