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Fern Smith's Currently for February! Linking up monthly at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade's Currently Linky Party by Farley!
Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade has a feature called Currently... lots of bloggers link up, so there is tons of neat thing to see and read. It also brings in a lot of traffic to your blog, especially if you are new, so it is a terrific way to get started....so, without any more blogging tutorials, here is my Currently for February.
*Listening to the water falling in our fish tank. Everyone is asleep, my Dad, the kids, dogs and even the fish. {Hubby works midnights on our base.} So here I sit at 5am in the lovely peace and quiet! 
*Loving my family {always} and my customers. This Sunday's TPT Super Sale was a huge success, thank you to all my new and repeating customers. I am CURRENTLY still running the 20% off of my store just for today, Monday, February 4th, for anyone that didn't have a chance to shop yesterday.
*Thinking I can't wait for the FCAT to be over so we can finally have some fun at an elementary school. If your new to my blog, I believe in standards, I really do, and I work my boys and girls hard all year and have the scores to prove it. HOWEVER, they are still eight & nine year olds and Florida has taken a lot of joy out of the schools with over testing them.....
Beginning of the Year Math Test ~ 2 days
First Performance Matters, Math and Science ~ 4 days
First FAIR Test ~ 2 days
Middle of the Year Math Test ~ 2 days
Second Performance Matters, Math and Science ~ 4 days    
Second FAIR Test ~ 2 days  
Third Performance Matters, Math and Science ~ 4 days    
Third FAIR Test ~ 2 days
FCAT Reading and Math Tests ~ 4 days
End of the Year Math Test ~ 2 days
TWENTY-EIGHT DAYS OF TESTING....not including the usual weekly Reading tests, Math chapter tests, Spelling tests, etc. etc. etc. Politicians may say it is one test, the FCAT, but not anymore, it is twenty-eight days, the equivalent of FIVE WEEKS of school! Five weeks of school that are no longer instructional time. AND>THEY>ARE>EIGHT>YEAR>OLDS! 
I just hope I am in education long enough to see the pendulum swing back to educating more, testing less....
OK....enough of my opinion....
*Wanting a fence around our 1/2 acre. We still walk the doggies on a leash. I would love to be able to sit in the Lanai and work while they y run free!
*Needing not much, I've very blessed.
*Pet Peeves people who text while driving...I constantly pray for the future family they "might" crash into and kill.migh
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Fern Smith's Currently for February! Linking up monthly at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade's Currently Linky Party by Farley!
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  1. I am new at blogging and new to your blog! Thanks for all the things you are sharing.
    Melissa Leach

  2. Love finding new third grade teacher blogs!! I am your newest follower. Check out my pinterest...I've pinned your blog as a favorite!

    Kathy O.
    Third Grade Doodles

  3. Twenty eight days of testing! Wow that is a lot. For yours and your kiddos sake, I hope this current testing window flies by quickly. In Michigan our state testing is only four or five days long - depending on the grade level. All of that will change soon though with the shift to Smarter Balanced testing.

    Wild About Fifth Grade

  4. 28 days...I'm so sorry to hear that! We have only one week for our 1st graders. Our state test doesn't align to Common Core, so we basically stop instruction to focus on the test, then resume when it's over :( Good luck!

  5. Fern,
    I have to say that I am shocked at the numbers of days you give up for testing! Here in Ontario we have what is called EQAO (Education Quality Assurance Ontario) assessments of math and language. These tests occur in elementary in grades 3 and 6. When they were first introduced over a decade ago, they lasted for two whole weeks in June. Now we are down to a week at the end of May or beginning of June. The stakes are high though, and Ontario releases a report each year ranking our schools by the results from the tests. I have taught grade 6 for most of my career and each year the pressure is getting worse. I truly believe that your students are blessed to have you as a teacher, and I am sure that even without a test to back it up, you have done them a great justice by preparing them for the world that faces them. I have followed your blog for awhile and I know that you love teaching, and you love your students...that is what matters most! Hope you are having a great weekend!


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