100th Day of School Activity!

 Thursday Was Our 100th Day of School!
I would love to say in Math we did really cool and exciting stuff. But.We.Did.Not! This in Third Grade*This is Florida*This is an FCAT year! Blah! :( So for the sake of the children, we continued on our path of fractions and reviewed for Friday's test. BUT, for the sake of the children I squeezed in a few 100 Day activities.
I used my friend, Michelle's packet from Teach123.

100th Day of School: If I live 100 years ago!

It was terrific! The children enjoyed our discussion of things that were invented 100 years ago. We talked about everything they WOULDN'T have 100 years ago. Then they collected data by surveying each other. 
"Would you rather live 100 years ago or in today's time period?"
 Then they graphed their data and discussed it in small groups.
It was a wonderful activity!
Last, they did a self-portrait.
 Then on Friday it was our first 'cold-snap' again. My friend, Coach, at school was celebrating the 101st day of school with her classes....101 Dalmatians!

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