Part Two of My CHAMPS Board ~ Flip Your Card Behavior Chart!

Colorful Behavior Cards Made From Paint Sample Cards!
I have a pretty popular post about using CHAMPS in my classroom.
The second part of the bulletin board in the picture is my "Flip Your Card" behavior chart.

At the start of last school year, we had two teachers leave and two move into their classes. My principal used this time of change to have us Team, 2 teach Reading & Language Arts and 2 teachers are for Math & Science. So my little self-contained class of 17 turned into 36 overnight! I had an AM Class and a PM Class. In a panic I cut my pretty little behavior cards in half & it has worked like a CHAMP {hahaha, get it?} ever since!

I have always done a "Flip Your Card" behavior program. I feel that it really works, it gives ownership to the student for the inappropriate behavior and the classroom behavior plan is not just the teacher yelling all the time, which NEVER works!
Green is the best, at our school it is a "Gator Day" since we are the Gators! Then blue, yellow and red. Many teachers don't like this system the more blogs I read, because it is so negative. But I use mine with a more positive spin!
I allow my students to "earn it back" when they have to flip their card, if they show improvement they may move back to green. This helps with individual behavior plans too. Some kids can work for an hour and then move back to green, other students may need more immediate rewards & consequences. If you have a child with impulse control, once he calms down you might want to move him back to green because he showed an improvement in self-control time the melt down wouldn't last too long, hopefully to the point that there will be no more melt downs...well, you get the idea! :)
Everyday the behavior is recorded in the agenda and goes home to mom and dad, in my room green means $5 for the treasure box, blue is $4, etc. It goes home daily for the parents to sign. Some teachers just send home a green magic marker dot on a calendar ~ as long as you let your parents know your plan at the start of they year, they will know what to look for in the daily folder or agenda. We have one teacher on the team that made green stickers with Gators on them, cute, cute, cute! What I like about this system is, if the parents are supporting you at home, usually the kids will work extra hard to earn back to green each day. If you have no parental support, it still helps with the student seeing immediate consequences & the beginning of September, I rarely have students flipping cards and my classroom is running so nicely!
I think I found this great idea to make a new type of "Flip Your Card" chart at Sunny Days in Second Grade's blog. My daughter and I ran right over to Home Depot to get the paint sample cards, this brand not only had nice colors, but had a little hole already punched in the corner and plastic rings available. The idea is to match up the different colors in your house, but it works PERFECT for a flip your card chart. They are hard, colorful and durable. I DID ASK the paint people if I could have 20 of each color for school and they were even kind enough to suggest I take 22 of the rings! But you could also get the Walt Disney paint samples that look like Mickey Mouse ears, use a hole punch and buy some cheap plastic rings if you store doesn't have them. I hope you can use this idea!

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  1. I agree with your idea that students can earn their card back. In fact, a student might start off their day rocky, but by allowing them to change things around allows them hope for the day. Otherwise, the day is a wash and why bother getting on the well behaved train?

    1. Exactly, this week is our last full week of school and I've been saying "I'm so proud of you, you are so ready for 4th grade." when they get to move their card back. Children want to grow up so fast don't they? :)

  2. That is pretty cool idea of the color cards. We are changing behavior plans because we have administrators and some teachers that don't agree with the color change ideas. I like the earning back idea.
    I found this site you might like... They give you the goodies to give to the kids and it is a money system. You can print the money or you can give them E bucks and they can donate their money to different charities and you can create your own rewards. It is pretty cool. Pass it on if you like it!

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  4. This is so great! Thanks for linking up! I'm your newest follower!


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