My Magical Product Swap With Patti at A Series of 3rd Grade Events!

Patti's Monstering Multiplication Facts

I am so excited, tonight a bunch of TPT teachers/sellers are involved in "The Magical Product Swap!"  I am actually swapping with two different teachers and I got to use and review two wonderful products! Currently, I am a third grade Math and Science teacher at a Title I school. I need things that are cute, fun, interesting and help children {they are still only sweet little 8 year olds} memorize their math fact! 

Patti {and her family, awwww!}

from A Series of Third Grade Events, 

has this wonderful game called Monstering Multiplication Facts

I used this product, which she has on sale for your right now at the amazing price of $6!! I printed all the posters and put them up on the board while we are doing that "fact" with Go Math. Go Math has them in a strange order, but, hey, they are the experts, who am I to question the order....anywho, back to Patti's great packet.

I put the "two" and the "four" poster up together at the same time because it is exactly the way I teach it! Double the number and the fours are double and double again. BUT, this packet saved me so much time from having to make all of the posters and worksheets, I am in ♥love with it. Here are the "sevens" to use Monday morning already hanging up!

She has worksheets for all the facts AND


Great for Sub Days!!

I also used them for two of my students' favorite games, Mad Minute & Crazy Five Minutes!

Mad Minute Directions

1. Place your students into teams of two, three or four. 

2. Have them all at one table or in a row in chairs or on the floor. They will each need a pencil and need to write on a strip of paper wherever you place them.

3. Tell them the order, who is first, second, third, etc.

4. Give each team ONE of the EXACT SAME STRIP OF PAPER, like the picture above, but face down. Tell them during the game there is no talking WHAT-SO-EVER! This will drive your Gifted students insane because they USUALLY love math so much they can't wait to get their hands on the paper! :) This game helps teach patience too! If a team talks, they are out, or else you will have the smart ones passing it and telling the next person the answer!

5. When you say go ~ they flip it over and the first child does one problem and moves the paper to the second child who does another problem. Then the third, fourth, etc. Don't do more than four kids because they will become impatient for a turn. The group that finishes first yell at them ONE! but everyone keeps going, then yell TWO! to the second group. MAKE everyone finish, because you might not have a winner yet. At one minute make every group stop, because this is a game to help with speed of memorization, but it still can be done in a game-like environment!

6. Check the first group, because not only is it based on time, it has to be 100% correct!! Some problem solving also comes into play, they eventually figure out to just go in order because looking around for a problem they think is easy takes up way too much time!

Now~When they get really good at this and at BEING QUIET, go with Crazy Five Minute!

Crazy Five Minute Directions

1. Place your students into teams of two, three or four. 

2. Same as above, only give them the entire sheet of 30 problems and five minutes to complete it!

3. Don't forget, the group that finishes first is ONE! then yell TWO! to the second group, etc.. MAKE everyone finish, because you might not have a winner in the beginning.

6. Check the first group, because not only is it based on time, it has to be 100% correct!!

  Here is one last picture, since it is a PDF file, you could just project that day's rule on your Smart Board or with your Projection Camera...I'm a Cheapie, this way saves ink! :)

When I was looking at her store I also realized that I already have her freebie, Math Word Walls, up in my room!

Here's a link to it, it has been downloaded over 10,000 times, you will love it too!!

Here is a link to her TeachersPayTeacher's Store! 

Here is a link to the other product I am writing about, Scoot:Rounding Robots by Jackie at Third Grades A Charm!

Head on over to Jessica's blog to see all the other teachers in this Linky Party! Tell her Fern sent you! ;) 


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  1. I love Patti's multiplication posters and worksheets and your idea for mad minute (I've never seen it done that way) and crazy five minute! Her word wall words are great too! I'll definitely have to check out her store!


    Third Grade's A Charm

  2. What a super set!! Thanks for joining for the swap :) I hope you'll sign up for the next!

    ✏ Mrs. Stanford's Class ✏
    Enter Product Swap #3

  3. Would you like to swap a product with me? I have a Lot of math and reading lessons! Love your facts fluency ideas!

    1. What a great idea, I would love to, email me at and we'll set something up for June when all the end of the year craziness is OVER! :)


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