Repurposing ~ Baskets From A Garage Sale!

$1.00 ~ Three Baskets & a Pot!

Here's Last Saturday's Garage Sale Purchases 
So, it is not the greatest picture in the World, mine never are ~ but with all the rain I quickly pulled into a garage sale Saturday and bought 3 baskets and a pot with the Wal*Mart $2.49 sticker on it! I took them all out into the yard and hosed them off during a brief sunny spot during our Beryl Storm this weekend. The big basket now has our dog leashes in it, along with an umbrella! The open baskets are going to have potted plants, with some of those cheap black pots that plants from the store come in.
Here's another picture for you....
While I was cleaning these, my helpers were not a lot of help!

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