Repurposing: My Newest {OLD} Nancy Drew Books!

Old Style Nancy Drew 
 My 17 y/o came home from a thrift store with some of the old style Nancy Drew books that I ♥love! Someone didn't want these, I'm happy to give them a new home!

  This is my Nancy Drew shelf at home, my parents use to let me pick one up at the KMart every once in awhile when I was in 4th & 5th grade. I thought we were so rich, Lord we were so poor! :) My daughter read all of mine as she was growing up and now my goal is to get each one in the old style! Hey! 
Everyone collects something right?
What about you? Is there a series you love as a teacher because you loved it as a child? 
I love to hear your comments!
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  1. I have a similar set in my room. I loved Nancy Drew as a child, and hoped a student would discover them. Finally this year I had a group of girls go through several of them. During a book discussion they asked me about other childhood favorites. Later I was shocked to see Trixie Belden listed on a Christmas wish list for one student. Seems her mother and I both had it on childhood reads. Mom found mint condition ones on eBay for a steal. Another reminder of the influence we have on the minds entrusted to us each day.
    Learning in Bliss

  2. I loved Nancy and Trixie...and I really loved the Bobbsey Twins. What a dork:>

  3. we are big book collectors!! we have about 500 books in our homeschool library mostly from mine and hubbys childhood that our parents had saved for us and I have about 140 or so in my library.. The hubby bought me a kindle for Christmas and I can not even tell you how many books are on it.. but its not the same..Theres something magical holding a book and reading it..smelling the scent of years a older book has on it

  4. Y'all are killing me, thanks so much for the comments! I had Trixie Belden and Bobbsey Twins too! Do y'all remember The Box Car Children too?
    Classics! :)

  5. Hi, Fern - I'm enjoying catching up on some of your older posts. By the way, congratulations on all those followers - wow!!

    re. this post: How about Cherry Ames? :)


  6. I collected Nancy Drew books too! I have the yellow ones with pictures and the old blue ones. My parents used to drag me to antique stores, flea markets, and garage sales when I was a kid and I started collecting them! How fun!


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