Organization ~ My Construction Paper is Ready for 2011-2012!

9" X 12" and 18" X 12" Construction Paper
My supply order was delivered to my room! Here is this year's construction paper! :)
I know I'm a geek, 'cause this makes me so excite to start school! :)

The way I store my paper helps you get 20 pieces of one color or 20 pieces that are a variety! Sometimes you want 20 pieces of red for Christmas or 20 pieces of a variety. For example, when they are making "Get Well Soon" cards & the color is not important! I hope my system helps you too!

Place all your construction that is still wrapped in plastic at the bottom of the stack. I like to stack mine in this way ~ For Months ~ I put all the colors that I "THINK" I will use for each month, keeping August/Back to School time on top and June on bottom! Aug./Sept. for me is a lot of red {apples} and green {we are the Gators!} next I store the oranges and browns for Halloween & Thanksgiving, then more red and green, light and dark blues for January, reds/pinks for February, dark green and light green for March, etc. etc. etc.  So when I pull out and use my Aug./Sept. red packs, ever so slowly the orange packs become the top of the stack! :) Then during October as I use my orange packs, the brown slowly becomes the top of the stack! If you like organization I know you are now saying, Ohhhhhh, pretty cool!

Now, it keeps getting better ~ if you have a chunk left, lift up your stack and slide them back in on top of the plastic wrapped, unopened stacks. This will still keep your colors together while you are on that month! Then when you have a few left, for example you opened a pack of 50 green and used 44 pieces, just put the remaining paper top. Tada! That becomes your variety mix!
Once school starts, I'll do a post on how I do AR in my room. Basically, for each test successfully passed, the student gets to make a link in our class construction paper chain. All the tests in Aug./Sept. are red, October's test links are orange, etc. So that is also why I like how I stack my paper!!
{♫ There's a method to my madness! ♫}

9" X 12" and 18" X 12" Construction Paper
Organization is the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher!
It is the difference between a great teacher and an excellent teacher because you are not wasting your time & energy looking for things!

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