Building Relationships ~ Beginning of the Year Lunchroom!

I Am Showing My Age ~ I Loved the Hardy Boys in 5th Grade!

I am very lucky to work in a district that has Duty-Free Lunch for teachers. I know every school is different, but we drop the kids off for lunch and then pick them up about 25 minutes later.
However, during the first two weeks of school I have a system that helps me get to know my boys and girls better and quickly. I have 18 students, I line them up in ABC order {That is our "Line Order" for the year.} and for the first two weeks they sit in line order. For the first NINE days, which happens to be our first two weeks since we start on a Tuesday, I sit between two different children each day.
For the first two weeks this helps me model appropriate lunchroom behavior as well as how we leave the lunchroom and transition back to academic time. By sitting between two different children each day I can learn a lot about them, about their home life and honestly, are they High, Middle or Low, just by listening to their vocabulary and what they tell me about last year's teacher, class, favorite subject, etc.
Many people say they need a break from the boys and girls during lunch and I agree! BUT, this also shows them I care about them and what they have to say, it helps build a relationship quickly & cuts down on behavior problems because they know I really & truly want them to succeed! I wouldn't trade the next two week's lunch time for anything! :)


  1. Great idea! And I think that might make lunch duty a little more interesting!


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