Sunshine Time to the Hour Clip Cards Dollar Deal for Your Class!

My students LOVED Clip Card Centers and your students will too! You will love how easy it is to prepare these Easy to Prep Sun Themed Time to the Half Hour Clip Card Math Centers for your class.
You can dedicate one of your math centers, math workstations, as a time center. This resource includes every HOUR clock and every HALF HOUR clock problem you need to study time to the hour and half hour.

Once your students are use to the expectations of using the clip cards, your center can run all year with the larger YEAR ROUND seasonal bundle of these Time to the Hour and Half Hour Clip Card Math Centers Game!
When it comes to the ease of prepping this center, all pieces are rectangular and easy for you or a parent volunteer to cut on a paper slicer. No need to cut around a cute turkey or round pumpkin center card, just rectangles with graphics that are adorable and eye catching to hold your students' interest!

These clip cards also include the answer keys, or you can print your cards and make a mark on the back or place a sticker on the back for the correct answer AND then laminate the card. That way when they boys and girls place a clothes pin or paper clip, etc. on the correct answer, they can turn it over and check their answer.
Click Here To Download This Easy to Prep Sunny Themed Time to the Half Hour Clip Card Math Center Dollar Deal for Your Class Today!

In small group lessons you can give each student three to four cards and they can help each other by checking their answers for the TIME TO THE HOUR and TIME TO THE HALF HOUR clip card their partner or neighbor answered, keeping everyone is involved! Keep your students engaged, alert and on their toes with this one little, cute time center!!

This 13 Page Math Center Includes:
* 24 Highly Engaging Time to the Hour Clip Cards with a Matching Center Cover.
* 24 Matching Answer Keys for the Time to the Hour Clip Cards, including a Matching Answer Key Center Cover.
This center is easy to prep and also terrific for an Emergency Substitute Tub, Folder or Binder!


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