Would You Like An Alphabet Center For One Of Your Literacy Centers For The Entire Year?

Research shows that children need to play a new game or a new center game a few times to learn the EXPECTATIONS of the game. AFTER that, they are then able to work on the SKILL of the game or center game. Our classroom centers work better when the children know how to play it, but the skill changes weekly or monthly. I have a perfect year round Alphabet Center for one of your Literacy Centers for the entire year!
Three Versions for Differentiation!
1. Match the uppercase letter to the uppercase letter.
2. Match the lowercase letter to the lowercase letter.
3. Match the uppercase letter to the lowercase letter.

A Baggie and a Folder are Perfect for Easy Organization.
It is also a terrific way to make a single student use center during COVID-19.

Each center in this bundle comes complete with it's own cover!
Place them in your files, pull out the next one and your center is new and exciting for the next week!



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