Are You Studying Community Helpers?
Community Helpers!
Talk about something HIGH INTEREST that the students love to learn about! Social Studies, Reading and Community Awareness all rolled into one! If you are teaching community helpers, to introduce this lesson, use an anchor chart to list as many community helpers as the students know. Ask them, "Do you think a teacher is a community helper?" Explain to them that a community helper is anyone who provides a service. Get as many community helpers listed as they know, police, dentist, mail carrier, etc.  Then as the lesson continues or as the week rolls by, you can have them add the new ones they learn about to the chart. One of the very best things about studying community helpers is that the students are so excited, their large word, extended vocabulary expands by leaps and bounds.

Next in the lesson, read one of these terrific books to expand their knowledge of community helpers.
Busy, Busy Town by Richard Scarry {My favorite!}
What Do People Do All Day? By Richard Scarry
Whose Hat is This? By Sharon Katz Cooper
Career Day by Anne Rockwell
Helpers in My Community by Bobbie Kalman
Delivering Your Mail: A Book About Mail Carriers by Ann Owen

Depending on the grade level you teach, the students can complete one of the following activities, alone, with partners or in a group.
1. Draw a picture of their favorite community helper.
2. Cut out magazine pictures of their favorite community helpers and create a collage.
3. Write a letter thanking one of their favorite community helpers.
4. Create a news interview with a community helper.
5. Role Play their favorite community helper and have other students guess who they are.

I hope you enjoy teaching this fun unit, I have many other Community Helper resources in my TpT store for you.

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