Need Something Fun For Short A? 
Your students will adore these five Short a Words Color Your Answers worksheets while learning and reviewing important vowel and reading skills at the same time! You will love the no prep, print and go Color By Code Worksheets with Answer Keys Included. I have short a, short e, short i, short o, and short u, and I'm just in love with how cute they turned out!
This reading resource includes:
* Five Short a Pages
* Five Answer Keys

Short a Words
Page 1 - act, add, ask, bat, bad, bag
Page 2 - cat, cap, cap, dad, dab, Dan
Page 3 - fan, fat, fad, gap, gal, gas
Page 4 - ham, has, jab, jam, map, mat
Page 5 - Sam, sad, tan, tap, van, vat 
The pages have similar words, so the students have to focus...
Is it v-a-t? or Is it v-a-n?
Like all my Color by Numbers / Color by Codes, ALL the children / humans have blank spaces and the directions state, "You pick the color for any empty areas." Your STUDENTS can pick the race and or nationality of their work!

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