Top Ten Reasons Why I'm Having a TpT Sale Today and Tomorrow!
Catchy Title Right?
So I thought and I thought and I thought about ten reasons why I was going to continue my TpT 20% off sale for Thursday and Friday.... but I couldn't think of ten reasons.

Sooooooo.... My Top Five Reasons For Having a TpT Sale 
Then I thought and I thought and I thought some more, but couldn't even think of FIVE reasons.....

So, drum roll please, THE ONLY reason I'm extending my TeacherspayTeachers sale for two more days....
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do. I understand that many things you provide for your students and your classroom must be bought with your own funds. I also understand that many teachers don't get paid until Friday. So as a thank you to you, my friends in the trenches, my store will continue to be 20% off until Friday night, midnight EST. No code is needed. 

Then, enjoy your Mother's Day, be you a Mom or her Child! :) Return to my blog next Friday, in addition to my usual Freebie Friday, I will have a new freebie JUST for YOU, my blog followers! 

So until tomorrow then, have a nice day, Fern xoxo

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