Are You Reviewing Long Vowels This Week?

Are you reviewing Long Vowels this week? Maybe introducing them? One of my very favorite ways to start long vowels is with good ole' Silent E.

Another wonderful way to transition from short vowels to long vowels is with a two-fold page activity. Let each child pick a short vowel CVC word and then add silent e to the word on the other side of the page. {See picture.}
Reviewing Long Vowels with Videos, Activities and Resources at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas. 
Two-Fold Silent E Activity
If you are pushed for time, give your students the CVC word on an index card, otherwise, plan a little time for a discussion of real words vs. made up words, if you get gup and gupe, etc. Enjoy!
I have created some really cute long vowel I Have, Who Has cards lately, with the word only version being Dollar Deals.

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