Quick and Easy Christmas Santa Ornament

Today's Quick and Easy Christmas Craft - Santa Stars!

This is perfect for a little Christmas joy during the month of December!
Step By Step Directions

12 X 9 piece of red construction paper
Scrap pieces of black and yellow
Six cotton balls 
Ribbon or String scrap
Crayons or Makers for details if desired

1. Depending on the child's age, have an adult or the child cut out a red star as large as the paper.
{OR Use an Ellison Die Cutter Machine.}
2. Have the student stretch out five cotton balls and glue them on the five points.
3. Next have the child or an adult draw Santa's face.
4. Glue the last cotton ball on as Santa's beard, see photo.
5. Cut a thin, black strip as the belt. Glue at waist area.
6. Cut out a square of the yellow, then cut out the inside with another square, see photo. {May require adult help.}
7. Glue at center of black strip as the belt buckle.
8. Make a loop and glue it to the back as a hanger for the tree.
9. Student name and date on back!

If you look at my picture, you can tell the three years difference in my own children. The left Santa my daughter made, while the right Santa was made by my son. He is 3 years younger, but had just as much fun making his Santa. AND...I drag them out every year and place them together on the tree...12 years later! 

I ♥love how they all turn out with different personalities!

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