Classroom Sanitizer Trick!

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Fern Smith's Back To School Sanitizer Trick!
Stan, Stan, The Sanitizer Man!
One of my favorite things ever! ever! ever! was putting the sanitizer by the classroom door and putting a stuffed animal "in charge" of it. That way when the children return from the restroom, they'll get that extra-just-in-case-they-DIDN'T-wash-their-hands boost! They tell you that they washed their hands, but with the cold and flu season in full swing, why chance it....Right?! So here is Stan and here's his little chant I would sing, and let the students join in, if someone forgets to stop by and use him. 
"Stan, Stan, the Sanitizer Man,
Tell Mrs. Smith if they don't have clean hands!" 

Stan cost me nothing, he was a left over stuffed animal as my personal children got older. If you ask your students, I'm sure someone will donate one to the good of the class. That way, this little bit of fun is free. :)
Elementary school is STRESSFUL with all the ridiculous over testing of our children
We need to use any chance we can to make something fun!

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