Seasonal Writing Centers

 Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Seasonal Writing Centers.Seasonal Writing Centers
This is one of my favorite, inexpensive, writing centers, especially for new teachers. All you need is a piece of poster board and some sticky notes. Draw, cut out and laminate a seasonal item, this pumpkin for fall, a flower for spring, etc. You can use your document camera to project it and trace it! :)
When you first start this center, you will need to model it and role play because everyone will want to walk back and forth to get a sticky note, but that's OK, as the year rolls on they will get use to the system and the best can teach your small groups without interruption.
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Seasonal Writing Centers.
Fill up your poster with as many sticky notes as you want, depending on the grade level. You can start with just five or load it up! The students are allowed to take one sticky at a time to use that word in their writing. They need to write the word in their personal dictionaries, word work folders, whatever you use in your classroom, but that's the ONE "MUST DO" RULE.
By having the correct spelling of seasonal vocabulary, it will give them more confidence in their writing as well as an idea about what to write about if they are stuck. I've included two lists for you, a Fall List and a Halloween List. 
Fall Word List
acorn apple autumn
chilly cider cold
cool corn cornucopia
cranberry crisp crow
fall falling leaves feast
football gourd Halloween
harvest hay hay bale
hayride haystack leaf
leaves maize November
nut October pine cone
pumpkin pumpkin
pumpkin spice
raincoat rake scarecrow
season September spider
squash Thanksgiving turkey

Halloween Word List
angel astronaut autumn
ballerina bat black
black cat blood bone
broomstick candy cape
carve cat cauldron
cemetery cloak clock
cobweb coffin costume
cowboy cowgirl creepy
crown dark dead
devil disguise dreadful
elf enchant evil
fairy fall fangs
fear fireman flashlight
fog frighten ghost
ghoul goblin goodies
gory gown grave
grim Halloween hat
haunt haunted house hay bale
hayride headstone howl
Jack O'Lantern king lantern
make-believe make-up magic
mask midnight monster
moon moonlight mummy
mysterious night nightmare
October orange owl
party pirate prank
pretend prince princess
pumpkin robot scare
scarecrow scary scream
shadow skeleton skull
soldier spider spooky
superhero sweets terrify
thirty-first thrilling tiara
tombstone treat trick
treat-or-treat vampire wand
warlock web werewolf
wicked wig witch
wizard zombie  

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