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Fern Smith's Currently Thinking Link Up for January!

January's Currently Thinking
Listening: I'm working on my blogs and a big {spoiler alert} Facebook Hop Giveaway for tomorrow! I have Star Trek: Into the Darkness BLASTING. I'm a geek, I own it, It makes me happy!
Loving: That I'm going to work from home this year and be able to take care of my 82 year old father that lives with us. Read this morning's post to know more about me personally then I've EVER published!
Thinking: About how cool OLW is...instead of a ton of resolutions that all get broken by January 15th, I can focus on one little word.
Wanting: Very Little! But this Christmas because of my generous hubby and daughter, I did get hooked on Pandora charms.
FSU #1 Baby!!
Oh, and Ray-Bans....
They're 80's, they're Risky Business, 
I'm a Geek, I admitted that in the first sentence! :)
So in ♥love with these!
Needing: A little more sunshine here in Sunny Florida, it feels like it has been raining forever!
Memory or Tradition: I use to love when my kids made Reindeer Dust. I would make it with my students and then with my own children. On Christmas Eve we would break out the ladder and everyone would get on the roof and sprinkle that Reindeer Dust on the roof, around the chimney, the driveway, the front walk, everywhere. My 19 and 17 year olds still talk about being allowed to walk on the roof once a year! 
Here is a terrific picture from Pinterest. 
It is just oats from the cereal aisle and glitter! 
It is so easy and so EXCITING!
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My friend Tanya designed this month's Currently cute is it?
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