Taking a Clinic Bucket to the Playground

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Fern Smith's Taking a Clinic Bucket to the Playground.
This is My Clinic Bucket!
It is heavily guarded by Monkey and Monkey Boy! Florida is all about the FCAT, but these 8 & 9 year olds still need a little fun. When they need a band aid, I tell them to go over there and ask Monkey for one....
We also grab this bucket and take it to the playground daily. In it I keep a pen, clinic passes, the copy of the pass so I know if someone is still missing and the red first aid kit. Inside the red first aid kit is just the teacher gloves for emergencies and band aids. I have two daily helpers, the first one brings it out and the other one brings it in. 
When it is in the classroom, if something life shattering has happened {lost tooth, picked scab, you know what I really mean....}
I let the helpers take the poor, sad victim to the clinic with the sick child clutching Monkey Boy, one of my daughter's old Beanie Babies.
Cheap, free, priceless help!
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