Organization ~ Always Leaving Your Desk Ready for a Substitute Teacher

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Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas How to Leave Your Desk Ready for a Substitute Teacher.
This is My Desk

This year I've moved my desk to be the "table" where I use the technology that gets projected on the big screen in my room. This way I am facing the students and not having my back towards them, the way the outlets had been originally set up for use.
1. My sub folder, I always leave this on top of my lesson plans each night. Then when I walk in, I put it right back on the shelf. Two seconds tops, but always ready.
2. My lesson plans, each day is on one piece of paper and the schedule is very detailed for any sub or school member to walk in and fill in for me. 
3. Under my sub folder is my daily clipboard, it has my class list and a second copy of my lesson plans. This way when an administrator or county office person walks into my room, the plans are on the left hand side of my desk, but I also have a copy so I can work off of it during whole group or small group time. I can write notes on it, revise my plans, make notes about who is riding the bus that day instead of know, Real World teaching stuff!
4. My daily folder with any and all Math and Science items in it that I will need for the day. It is there for the sub, so they don't have to hunt around, it is there for me so my day runs smoothly if I don't have a sub. Click here to see how I organize my daily folders each Friday for the next week.
5. My new, repurposed paper clip holder, YEP, I actually use the stuff I've blogged about too! :)
6. We call our two classes the Blue Group {am} and the Red Group {pm} so everything is color coded for that system. These baskets are where every, single bit of work gets turned it. The kids know the routine and the sub will never have a problem with collecting work. I know as a mother there is nothing worse than a teacher saying she "might" have lost a child's assignment!

Organization is the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher! It is the difference between a great teacher and an excellent teacher because you are not wasting your time & energy looking for things!

This Is the Screen Where My Elmo & Computer Projects
It is not a smart board, but I'm very happy with this set up!
{Note to more money bingo, go get a ROOT CANAL instead, it will be less painful!}
Picture of Fern Smith's Always Leaving Your Desk Ready for a Substitute Teacher
SO>>>This is My Desk When I Know I Will Be Absent
1. I leave all the work for the sub, right on top of the lesson plans. In this picture it was a big math test, so those are the tests and the answer forms.
2. The daily lesson plan.
3. My clipboard with the class list on it for the sub. I always put this right on top, but just slid it under the homework so the names wouldn't show for the picture.
4. Homework
5. Since I know I am going to be out, I have time to leave the sub a more detailed plan. On the computer, I take my daily lesson plan and I add more details as a specific note for the sub, all those little things we do each day without thinking about and might be different from school to school. Like I walk all the 3rd grade car riders to Parent Pick-Up, etc.
6. This is where I leave all those extra things, like the PFA's envelope for pizza money, etc.

I hope this tip helps, stay well this season my friends! xoxo
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  1. I try to leave my room completely ready each night too. It doesn't always work out that way...but the initial prep is done each weekend. :) Love how you shared it!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning


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