Finally! TPT Back to School Sale Discount Code!

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Fern Smith's TPT Back to School Sale Discount Code!
TPT's Back To School Sale
Finally, we've been told, the big Back To School Sale will be this Sunday and Monday! Yea! Everything in my store will be 20% off and then TPT gives you another 10% off of that total when you use the promo code BTS13.
But if you are like me, Sunday and Monday are not my best days to buy items. I like to shop on "Payday Friday" and Saturday so I have time to print, read, make and organize my new purchases.
On a personal, silly note, our family has some dumb family expressions, I'll throw myself under the bus, I'm not ashamed, I'm usually the one who makes up the term!! My husband gets paid every other Friday and I get paid on the 15th and 31st. Every once in awhile they happen around the same time. Like this weekend.....we call it Big Ole' Payday!! Woooohoooo! As we're discussing bills or, like this weekend, driving the daughter to college, we'll say, "Oh yeah, that weekend will be Big Ole' Payday!"
So if you shop like me, I'm shopping tomorrow, and I'm excited that the sellers I want to buy from are starting their sales early like me. If I buy a $5.00 item and tomorrow it is $4.00, the 40 cents I'll save on Sunday isn't worth it to me personally, because I would rather have the time Friday night to make the item and have it ready for next week, without the stress of last minute.
So if you need anything, or if you have any of my products already in your cart or on your wishlist, I'm starting my sale tomorrow, Friday the 16th and running it until Monday at honor of BIG OLE' PAYDAY just for you!
Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Homeschooler -  
Everything in my store is 20% off for the next four days!
Thank you so much, I really appreciate everyone who follows, purchases and leaves feedback for me!
Fern Smith's TPT Back to School Sale Discount Code!
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