Back To School Sanitizer Trick!

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Fern Smith's Back To School Sanitizer Trick!
Stan, Stan, The Sanitizer Man!
{2017 Back to School Rerun Fun}
This year, I'm going to be putting Stan by my door. That way when the children return from the restroom, they'll get that extra-just-in-case-they-DIDN'T-wash-their-hands boost! But I'm sure they wash their hands, hahahahahaha! Right! So here is Stan and here's his little chant if someone forgets to stop by and use him. 
"Stan, Stan, the Sanitizer Man,
Tell Mrs. Smith if they don't have clean hands!" 
Third Grade is STRESSFUL in Florida, the possibility of failing the state mandated standardized testing and failing 3rd grade is very upsetting to 8 & 9 year olds, they are EIGHT and NINE year old babies.... We need to use any chance to make something fun!


  1. I love Stan he's so cute. I have two bottles of sanitizer when you enter my room. I put little signs that say "Be wise and SANITIZE" inside those little IKEA frames to remind the kids to use the sanitizer. I find that when I really stress the point the kids use it and we have less illness in the classroom! I HATE getting SICK!

    1. I love that, I might have to start getting some stuffed owls for the "Wise" theme and they go with my blog too!

  2. That little dog really makes me laugh. I'm sure your kids will love him!

    Have a great year, Fern!
    FlapJack Educational Resources Blog


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