Organization ~ Our Garage Door Is Our Command Center!

Organization ~ Our Garage Door Is Our Command Center!
When we first moved in, our new home came with stainless steel appliances. The kids loaded it up with our usual family magnets and started putting their school notes, reminders and assignments up there. One week later I noticed my nice, new fridge was scratched the heck up! BAD! So I bought two 3M Decorating Clips and put them on the inside of the door leading out to our garage. It is perfect for clipping up lunch money, last minute forms that need a parent signature, orthodontist appointment slips, anything I want them to look at or take to school on their way out in the morning.
The left is my daughter's clip and the right is my son's clip!
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  1. Great idea...I always feel like such a bad mom when I won't let them put stuff on the frig because of the scratches. This is a perfect fix. :)
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