Common Core Math Addition Center Game - Addition Facts with Zero Concept!

Common Core Standards 
Math - Operations & Algebraic Thinking
Kindergarten: K.OA.2 K.OA.5
First Grade: 1.OA.3 1.OA.5 1.OA.6 1.OA.8
Second Grade: 2.OA.2  2.NBT.5 2.NBT.9
4 Stars Feedback at TPT!!
While you have time this summer, get your math center rolling with this terrific center game, Common Core states that children need to "Add and subtract within 20, demonstrating fluency for addition and subtraction within 10. Use strategies such as ... creating equivalent but easier or known sums."
6 Delightful themes in full color with student directions included. 
Teaching the concept in March? December? May? There should be a theme that will work with your weekly/monthly units!  
This center game is designed to be printed, cut apart for your classroom and laminated if desired. It is cute, colorful and is completely designed to be an independently led student activity. EXCELLENT for when the teacher is working with small reading or math groups. It also contains the ENTIRE file in a black and white version so that you can copy some and send it home as weekly homework. Great for the students to cut out and practice fine motor skills as well as reinforcing the math activity of learning the addition secrets for FACTS WITH ZERO for quicker mental math!
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