12 in 12 Linky Party Link Up!

 This year's 12 in 12 Linky Party....
I'm a little late coming to this party, but I do ♥love a linky!
12. Favorite movie you watched:

Men In Black 3
I loved the other two, but honestly, I could watch this one over and over and over....
11. Favorite TV series:
Big Bang Theory
I seriously have a problem! I listen to these non-stop when I'm blogging or creating a product. I can recite them! I also have a friend at school who loves them so much, we can just look at each other and say something like, "I have a four napkin system." and we die laughing. I was the Teacher of the Year, and she just became our Teacher of the Year. While we were interviewing her, she and I started with our quotes and the giggles...my poor boss! :)
My daughter bought me all five seasons for Christmas....my love for the show is that grand! 
10. Favorite restaurant:
La Nop
A locally owned Mexican restaurant.
9. Favorite new thing you tried:
 Pinterest! ♥Love Pinterest
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8. Favorite gift you got:
Big Bang & My New Bike
 Mine is in the back, the hubby and I got matching bikes to ride to Weight Watchers in 2013!
7. Favorite thing you pinned:

This blog post has been read over 78,000 times....it makes me happy to know I've helped that many teachers! :)
 6. Favorite blog post:

July 18: My Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!

 I love all my Wednesday's series, "My Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesdays!" but this picture is the one that cracks me up the most!
5. Best accomplishment:
My kids completed another successful year of school and started another successful year. I'm very excited that my daughter was accepted early to FSU {My Alma Mater!} and invited to join the Med School's Honor Program! 
4. Favorite picture:
 Five of our dogs hanging out on my 82 y/o dad's bed while he's reading the BBC News on the Internet!
3. Favorite memory:
Really too hard to answer, I've had a wonderful year. 
"Have a career and live a life that you do not need a vacation from..."
As a Blogger, I am very proud of these awards......

Fern Smith
2. Goal for 2013:
Weight Watchers 
Return to the 128 lbs. that I meet my husband at nine years ago.
 I'm going to include my progress each Sunday in my Top Five @ Five Weekly Update. I figure by throwing it out into the great-big-bloggy-World I will hold myself more accountable!
1. One Little Word:

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