Stuffed With Thankful Thoughts for 2012!

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This is the time of year when school is going crazy, I really should stop and reflect about all of my family's many blessings.  We are so lucky to have so much to be thankful for in our lives! 
First and Foremost, I am very thankful for God, without him, none of my other Thankful things would exist! 
{With God all things are possible...Matthew 19:26} 
~*~Our Home~*~
I am thankful that my husband is retired and that we are settled in my hometown and as a Navy family we are not looking to move to our next command, packing and trying to cram a holiday and my job hunting into the mix. I thank God every night that we were able to build our dream retirement home!
We had a Twilight-A-Thon Movie-fest last night....
 Hubby set up "Team Rabbit" at the food buffet!
Jaret and a friend!
I am thankful each and everyday this man married me and my two small children. The kids and I went from being three to a family of a Dad, a new Aunt and Uncle, 3 cousins, two sets of new grandparents, a sister and 6 dogs! He brings more joy and fun into our life then I ever imagined possible!
Heather {on the right} at a college visit.
 I am thankful that my daughter is healthy, kind & smart. She will be entering college in the fall as an incoming Junior because she will already have so many credits. She has worked very hard these last four years and our mailbox is full daily with early entry offers & scholarships, she wants to be a surgeon and hopefully she can do this with no loans.
Andrew at a War Eagle ROTC event.
I am thankful that my son is healthy, kind, funny & smart. He joined ROTC this year and has never worked so hard in his life! He stays for a 7th period at school and then stays for ROTC drill. They had a Veterans' Day Dinner and fed over 500 vets and their families. I cried for the last 30 minutes the video and flag presentations were so moving!
 My Dad
I am thankful that my Dad is still able to live with us and that my Mom is safe at an excellent nursing home.  My parents moved to America for a better life and encouraged me to be proud that I was smart and to excel as far as I can!
 My Co-Teacher for Reading
Looking like Little Red Riding Hood during our first cold snap.
 My Teaching Partner for Math, "Ortega" is Taco Mom and I was being the Taco Bell Chihuahua Dog. We'll do anything for a laugh and disturb the office staff!
 Us on a Normal Day!
I am thankful for a wonderful job 5 miles from my home. As stressful as being a teacher can be, I still love going to work everyday and have a wonderful team. 
 Treasure Box Day Thanks to Mrs. T!
I am thankful that with all workshops I go to that my pastor's wife, Mrs. T, is an amazing sub and is so giving. She stuffs our treasure box for me! 
 Mrs. F
I am thankful for a wonderful teacher assistant on my grade level. She did all the work for my boys and girls to make this terrific Thanksgiving craftativity. Did I mention that my favorite sub, Mrs. T will be doing this on Friday? {I hope I don't cause her to quit! :) }

 Michelle at Teach123 

We have started a fun feature each month, a Giveaway and a Sale and we are the Dynamic Duo! All.her.terrific.idea!!

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Over 1,000 TPT Followers!
I am thankful for all my BLOG, TPT & TN followers. Thank you for your purchases and I really love your feedback, especially when it is for one of my 32 freebies! I love knowing that I am helping you, help your students!
My Batmobile
I am thankful for my hubby's gift of my "Florida" car! We've had hard times moving as a Navy family and trying to sell our old homes while we rent in new towns, so again, it feels wonderful to finally be settled!
One of Our Chrismas Trees
My mother collected Christmas ornaments and had themed trees. I love that my husband not only puts up with me putting them all up 'cause I miss my mom, he also encourages me every year to do it, dragging everything down from the attic or the new shed!


 Bully in the Lazy Boy, Well Named Chair for Him!
Lilly Wanting Top of the Line Service Since Her Cancer Surgery, she still lays down to eat and we put the bowl between her paddy-paws...Spoiled!
I am always thankful for our 6 wonderful dogs and my hubby who would look at me and say, "What's one more...."
I will only bore you with two pictures! :)
I hope you have a wonderful week! 


  1. What a sweet post! Thanks so much for linking up. :)


  2. You have so much to be thankful for. You are truly grateful, I can tell. I am so proud of both of your kids, too!!!

  3. You have a lot to be thankful for! It was nice to see a glimpse into your "real" life!

    Sally from Elementary Matters


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