Place Value Practice Based on Common Core For Thanksgiving!

My third graders seem to do well with place value. Then we will be trucking along with multiplication, division and using Singapore Math for all our word problems and BAM! a place value review questions has them looking like a deer in a headlight...blink, blink, blink, blink....what is this strange question?
So I created a place value game during Halloween that can be differentiated for high, middle and low. It can be played with just the "Tens" version or the "Hundreds" version. Meanwhile, your high group students can be playing the same game, but with the "Thousands" version. It is also an excellent tool to play in your small group and gather data for your RtI documentation. Observe a student and you will know instantly if they can problem solve to created the highest number when given three cards, 3, 6 and 8 for example. If they don't make it into 863, there's a problem! Well they liked the game so much I created two Halloween versions,
 Halloween Monster Place Value Race Game and
Halloween Candy Corn Place Value Race Game
and they were both a big hit with my other teacher-friends' classes too!
Denise, from Sunny Days in Second Grade, took pictures of her children playing the game and sent it to me.
Students Playing the Candy Corn Version
 She was the first blog I ever discovered and I adore her.
I meet her this summer at a Blog Meet-Up and stood around like a dork, I could barely talk to her and her husband...ummm, yeah, uummmm, I know, uhhhhhh....It was like meeting a real life celebrity for me and I was dumbfounded! :) 
Way to go ya' big geek!
Sunny Days in Second

Close Up Picture of the Game Sheet the Students Fill-In!
So back to place value, since that game was such a big hit, I've made a
Thanksgiving version, it is available at TPT.

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