Longest Week Ever...

I try to keep my blog on the positive side! 
Ever since I started writing, I really tried to leave the negative at school and away from my blog, but seriously, ever have ONE...OF...THOSE...WEEKS?
That would be me, it is Say No To Drugs Week, and we have been allowed to wear jeans all week! Oh, man do I ♥love wearing jeans, it makes life so easy! Well yesterday was Wear a White Shirt Day and my friends and I were quoting Penny from Big Bang ~ "I never entered a wet t-shirt contest, I only spill when I'm drunk." We can't help it, we LOVE that show...OK, most of us love that show and the rest of our friends tolerate our memorization of it! :) Well sure enough right at 8:30 in a comedy of errors, I spill an entire cup of cold, old coffee down the front of me....I do one of those strange bending-over-dances so I wouldn't drip on my jeans, and I start walking down the ramp of my friend's portable. Another friend sees me and yells, "Are you OK?" Well I didn't think, I yell, COFFEE ALL OVER ME! She's ready to call 911 because I left out the all important word, COLD coffee! We use the term "Hot Mess" a lot at school, but yesterday I was a Cold Mess! So even though I only live about 5 miles, I clean up and get a "Jump Rope for Heart 2010" t-shirt from Coach....and I smelled like coffee all day, but it was just easier to stay at school! The kids kept saying, "Ummmm, you sure do smell good." "You smell like my kitchen." Even, "You smell like Starbucks!" Yep, that was my Wednesday!
So today I start out, new, refreshed, clean and showered! Wearing one of my hubby's Florida State University shirts 'cause it is team day for Say No To Drugs Week and the HUGE Florida vs. Georgia outdoor party is this weekend...Google it, I'm not kidding, Gators and Bulldogs live for this weekend....I am proud to be a Seminole in an outnumbered Gator school! Our school mascot is even the Gators! I have my Intel Math Workshop all day tomorrow, so I wanted to leave my room High and Tight with terrific plans for the sub. 
Wrong again! 
Long story short very short, I end up at the Workers Comp Doctor! 
All I could picture was this scene from Monsters, Inc. 
 Before the Code 2319
After the Code 2319
Poor Monster!
When I got back to school and finished doing my room and leaving the sub plans, my co-teacher buddy and I were walking out. My principal, who I adore, called me to follow up on me and I flat out told her...I'm seriously thinking of this whole Florida Virtual School! She knew I was joking, but there are days when it is a wonderful fantasy! :) 
{Side Bar....hubby didn't want/need his shirt back!}
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 How about you? How was your week?!?
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  1. I love that you are a fellow Seminole fan!! I am usually outnumbered by Gators too. ;)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. My week was also a little stressful. Can you say two indoor recesses on Monday? Then we woke up this morning with four inches of snow. It explains the nonstop talking yesterday. Today it was wild excitement over snowmen. Tomorrow more snow is forecasted. I can't wait.
    Let us hope the weekend is restful for both of us.

    1. Jill, I'm your newest follower! Snow already? Yipeees...maybe my day wasn't that bad after all! :) Thanks for the comment!


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