Stan, Stan, the Sanitizer Man Song For Your Classroom!

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Post About Using Hand Sanitizer In the Classroom and making it cute with a hand Sanitizer song!
Stan, Stan, The Sanitizer Man!
{Summer Fun Rerun ~ Summer 2018}

Back to School is my favorite time of year! This was one idea that worked all year and I'm excited to be including it in my classroom routines on the first day of school! I put this cute little dog by my hand sanitizer in the classroom. It cost me nothing, it was part of the stacks of stuff from my teenagers cleaning out their rooms to move. I told the boys and girls that his job is to watch and make sure they use the hand sanitizer when they come out of the restroom! Third Grade is HARD, the possibility of failing the FCAT and failing 3rd grade is very stressful! I am trying everything I can this year to have some fun & let the children live in a Primary World. So Stan, Stan the Sanitizer Man is watching them and I told them that he would let me know if anyone forgot to use it. It worked! 

First week of school and everyone followed the routine. I even heard the children talking to him, they used my little chant....
"Stan, Stan, the Sanitizer Man,
Tell Mrs. Smith if they don't have clean hands!"

It's not perfect, but it works! :)

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  1. Amen on the FCAT! I subbed for 3rd graders last year from February until the last day...I remember when administering the test, students would freeze, throw up, look confused, etc..they're just kids! They were stressed and so was I..Good luck!


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