KVK's Terrific Classroom Items!

Warning! Warning! Warning! 
You will be Pinteresting these up coming photos because they are just so perfect for your classroom too! I can say that comfortably because these are not from my classroom but from a follower of mine/now friend of mine! Her room is so perfect! It is a beach theme and her incoming fourth graders are going to be so lucky to have her! Last week when I was at another school in my district for training my friend Ashley told me an old friend of hers was a teacher in that building and she wanted to meet me. Yep, me! How exciting, but I'm such a geek, all I could think of was, but yesterday I had such better hair! Childish but true! KVK use to be a teacher at our school and a Teacher of the Year on top of that! Not too shabby, I have amazing followers! So after the class we went down there, and by "went" I mean, we actually drove down to her classroom because the campus is so big and in Florida it is so HOT!  Here we are, real teachers working in our rooms and at workshops....she doesn't like her hair in the photo and I don't like my extra weight! 
Oh Bother! as Pooh would say!
She really made my day! 
One of the first things she said, "I've shared your Gator Library labels up and down this hallway!" How's that for a welcome?! I couldn't stop asking her questions about her room and taking pictures...it was a really nice visit!  
Flip Flop Bulletin Board 
Character Rocks
I have never seen this, but it was so cool. A student picks a rock and fills out the paper slip about another student and that student's character! This goes very well with a "Fill Your Bucket" theme!
Her Supplies ~ All in a beach theme AND she included sand, pebbles and shells HOT GLUED onto it! Adorable! You're pinning it already, I told you that you would be Pin busy! :)
 Part of her enormous library! 
Vocabulary Words in Colored Rice...I couldn't stop shaking it!
I can't wait to make this for each Math Chapter Vocabulary!
Paint Sample Alert! I love paint samples!!
These cards have several uses, the children put the large paper clip on True or False. 
A, B, C or D to answer a problem.
OR when she is introducing a concept, "It's crystal clear." "It's a bit hazy." "It's cloudy." or "I'm in a fog."
Recycling Bins!
Different Shot of the Recycling Bins and the Signs for the Children! 
I hope you liked this little tour!
 I'm very happy to have made a new friend, we're all 12 year olds at heart don't you think? ;)

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  1. Thank you for sharing, now I really need to get busy!
    I just started following you on pinterest.
    Back in Fourth

  2. WOW I need to make that rice shaker with sight words! Plus, I like those paint samples..Thanks for the tips :) and I will be Pinteresting those ideas.

  3. SWOON! I'm OVER THE MOON! Thanks so much for your kind words! I am finally making progress and getting things set up so I'll post my room pics where I can credit people for ideas as soon as possible. THANKS AGAIN and it was superfantabulous meeting you!


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