I Have, Who Has & SWAT Games Combined!

What happens when an I Have, Who Has game meets our favorite Swat game?
Fun, Fun, Fun!
The room looks horrible because we were spread out for the FCAT and everything had to be covered, so please excuse the pictures. This was during snack time and we just needed something new, so I invented 
 Everyone had a couple of our I Have, Who Has Science Vocabulary cards and a fly swatter! When it was their turn to say "I Have!" they had to fly swat {HARD} the desk and stand up while yelling "I HAVE!" It was too many steps for their FCAT Fried Brain and they loved it, we laughed so hard!
Here is a link to our original Team Swat game with directions.
Here are directions to the I Have, Who Has Game if you have not heard of it!
The cards look like this [I have sun, Who has the planet third from the earth?]
The first student reads his card.  The child with the card, Earth, then reads I have Earth, Who has any of numerous small celestial bodies that revolve around the sun? The game continues until it circles back to the first card. I is wonderful not only for vocabulary definitions, but also for listening skills.
Here are some FREEBIES I found on TPT for you to get started with some printable I Have, Who Has games.
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  1. What a great idea! The kiddos probably really enjoyed that. Testing-Brain is tricky but it seems like you thought of a fantastic way to keep them engaged, reviewing and having fun!

    Great job!

    I do, We Do, You Do!


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