First Day of FCAT in Florida!

FCAT! Get it? She's a Cat & She's Upset That She Got an F!
I ♥Love This! Today was the first day of FCAT. When we were done and the tests were collected, we still had to remain quiet because other grade levels were still I bring out the big guns, a new pack of copy paper and the smelly Mr. Sketch markers. Since I teach Math and Science we don't have a lot of chances for free time and they were giddy happy! My very favorite came up to me and said, "Mrs. Smith, here is an FCAT for you. She's a cat and she's upset that she got an F!" I thought it was wonderful, I made a big fuss and she said, "Should you put it on your blog?" Should! Could! and Would! I ♥love it!

Here is another great picture for your evening...YEP! We crammed a couple of symmetry lessons in last week before the FCAT....this cutie now makes symmetrical masks and tapes them to his face! He is such a good boy and is enjoying symmetry so much, how can anyone tell him no!?!?!
So, yes, today was stressful with our 3rd grade ~ YOU MIGHT BE RETAINED, FCAT!!!
BUT, these are the moments that I really love to be a teacher!

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