FCAT {Testing} Snack Idea!

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Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas: Standardize Testing SNACKS
Standardize Testing SNACKS

Last year, 3rd grade had four days of FCAT testing. The children received a juice box and a snack bag with a message. They ♥LOVED reading their random messages to each other...that one simple thing that probably took the volunteers a long time to do, made all the difference in the World! When they would read them to each other I would say, "See, all sorts of people know that you are going to do well!" or "Look at all those people rooting for you, you're going to do well again tomorrow!"

Testing starts tomorrow, so I'm not sure we'll have the same thing, but if you are ever asked to do snacks for something, I thought you would like this one simple idea that really only involves time, and very little money!  
Just one Sharpie marker! :)
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