Holiday Craziness? I'm Determine To Focus On The Positive!

Full Moon!?!?
Crazy Weather!?!?
Christmas Is Coming!?!?
Performance Matters Testing!?!?
No matter what is causing it, woooohooooo, everyone is ready for the vacation! The dear little darlings are ready for Christmas, and so am I!!! But the State of Florida says they have to take 3 different tests on a computer ~ Performance Matters in Reading, Math and Science. All week {OK, it's only Tuesday, but it has been a long week so far!!!} I have said to my team, "Just focus on the positive." When they tell me something wonderful or when we see something sweet, we look at each other and repeat, "Just focus on the positive." It works! Our Performance Matters scores are THROUGH THE ROOF!! ~ Just focus on the positive! It is keeping us calm and helping me to deal with their behaviors that are just NOT that calm!
But today was the best, awhile ago, Mrs. M had our children write letter to our school secretary's son. He is a soldier in Afghanistan. She then bound the letters into a book and sent it to him. They were wonderful, the letters would make you cry! We 'team teach' ~ she teaches Reading, we teach Math...some of her students are my babies too! So jump back to today, he called them from Afghanistan!!! When one of our ESOL students had a chance to talk to him, he said, "You will be in my heart always!" What a great kid! When Mrs. M was telling us, we couldn't even say, "Just focus on the positive!" Mrs. O and I were too busy trying not too cry! What a great day! :)

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