Why Is My Home Office Not On Pinterest?

This Is My Office! I'm So Proud Of It!
The insane laughing you hear is me, my goal was to have it finished by Thanksgiving! My office is right at the front door, so it is the first thing everyone sees when they walk in...so far not one dear friend has said anything!! :)

This Was My Office On Oct. 16th!
I have made a lot of strides, mostly unpacking every box and just dumping it everywhere! I even dragged a card table out of the shed to dump more stuff on it...to help organize everything!
It is just so sad when I lie to myself! :)

Man Cave
This is what you see on the other side of the front door. My hubby has a Man Cave with his bar and big screen TV plus all his Navy awards and keepsakes. {Yep, I have a P3 Airplane prop and an aircraft carrier's tailhook at my house...but that's a blog post for another day!} He took that room because it was smaller and that gave me more room. I adore him, but now I think that I should have taken it 'cause I could have just put some mini-blinds on the doors and keep them closed! :)
Notice the ladder on the floor, I put that there to act like a big baby gate to keep the dogs off of my new carpet. So much for that, because Bear DID NOT get the memo to stay out! :)

This Is What I Want, Just in Beige, Brown & Black!
I love the organization in this picture and it was the first thing I learned to Pin in Pinterest!
So today my goal was to unpack and organize while I baked for tomorrow, instead I've blogged and I've caught up on reading a million of my favorite blogs! I also watched a movie with my 17 y/o. Just the two of us, we don't have many moments like that! I didn't have my laptop, she didn't have any homework, we just sat with a bunch of our doggies and laughed so hard together...it was so nice! She'll be at college before I know it and I can unpack then! :)

This is Heather doing her Chewbacca imitation before heading out to Publix to work the craziest day ever at a grocery store! She told me not to tag her on Facebook, but she didn't say anything about my blog!


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  1. I love the Chewbacca imitation. My son makes Chewbacca's sounds all the time. :) He works at the Pub (Publix), too. He's an assistant bakery manager and it has been a BUSY week for him...13 hours three out of five days this week. I want to say come teach, but I'm always working, too, so ...

    Happy Thanksgiving.


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