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Now, besides wanting to give this back to Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher,
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Why Is My Home Office Not On Pinterest?

This Is My Office! I'm So Proud Of It!
The insane laughing you hear is me, my goal was to have it finished by Thanksgiving! My office is right at the front door, so it is the first thing everyone sees when they walk far not one dear friend has said anything!! :)

This Was My Office On Oct. 16th!
I have made a lot of strides, mostly unpacking every box and just dumping it everywhere! I even dragged a card table out of the shed to dump more stuff on help organize everything!
It is just so sad when I lie to myself! :)

Man Cave
This is what you see on the other side of the front door. My hubby has a Man Cave with his bar and big screen TV plus all his Navy awards and keepsakes. {Yep, I have a P3 Airplane prop and an aircraft carrier's tailhook at my house...but that's a blog post for another day!} He took that room because it was smaller and that gave me more room. I adore him, but now I think that I should have taken it 'cause I could have just put some mini-blinds on the doors and keep them closed! :)
Notice the ladder on the floor, I put that there to act like a big baby gate to keep the dogs off of my new carpet. So much for that, because Bear DID NOT get the memo to stay out! :)

This Is What I Want, Just in Beige, Brown & Black!
I love the organization in this picture and it was the first thing I learned to Pin in Pinterest!
So today my goal was to unpack and organize while I baked for tomorrow, instead I've blogged and I've caught up on reading a million of my favorite blogs! I also watched a movie with my 17 y/o. Just the two of us, we don't have many moments like that! I didn't have my laptop, she didn't have any homework, we just sat with a bunch of our doggies and laughed so hard was so nice! She'll be at college before I know it and I can unpack then! :)

This is Heather doing her Chewbacca imitation before heading out to Publix to work the craziest day ever at a grocery store! She told me not to tag her on Facebook, but she didn't say anything about my blog!


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Google Turkey!

Google Turkey!
Have you been to Google today? It is so cute, you can change everything on the turkey, or pull his wing like a slot machine handle and it changes everything! Cute ~ Cute ~ Cute!! I am sure everyone is off of school today, but if you have little kids in your home for the holidays, this is worth checking out!

Giveaway Alert! Adventures of Room 129

Cute Mrs. Harris is having a great giveaway & she has extended it until tomorrow, 11/23, so head on over and tell her Fern sent you! :) Click below to head on over there, she is also having a TPT sale!

Adventures of Room 129: I'm Back!! (Giveaway and a Sale!): So it's been since August since I've made a post.... I know... SO BAD!!!

Repurposing ~ A Garage Sale Bunny!

I found this cute little guy at a garage sale for $2. The rabbit was a beige color which was looking very dirty and his chef clothes were somewhat white. So a little wash & some white spray paint later ~ ta da! I was going to use him in my classroom by the lunch boxes, but I think he's too cute, so I'm keeping him in my kitchen! He even has a shirt pocket with a hole for the chalk to fit into! Eventually, I will move him to my classroom, but he's going to hang out here for a little bit!☺

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Organization ~ Keys, Keys, Keys and More Keys!

Our Key Racks ~ In the Garage Right Outside the Kitchen Door

We are a family of 4 vehicles, so someone is always having to move a car so someone else can get out of our driveway. We have keys to the boat, keys to the gates, keys to a storage unit, keys to bike locks, keys to padlocks, keys, keys, keys and more keys! This is also AFTER we moved and I found keys to home we no longer even own! I love organization and I am trying so hard to unpack and have this new home run smoothly. What I love about having this right here is that no one is running around in the mornings late for school/work looking for their keys.
Everything on the wall was from garage sales. We broke the Welcome sign hook somewhere in Texas, so that's a "fixer-upper" that still has not been "fixed" but is still "up!" The air freshener is because we keep a trash can and the recycle bins right below this area. This helps keeps the cars clean {in theory anyway!} and the paper towels are so everyone can wipe their car windows down in the moring if needed.
The two signs were put there while we were moving instead of the lanai and it just "kind of fit" so I left them! I also have two new Command Clips on the door, one for each child. Everywhere else we have lived the door from the kitchen to the outside was metal, so we used magnets. But the door in our new house isn't, so I put these up and that's where we clip lunch money, notes, signed report cards, etc. etc. Since everyone leaves in the morning at different times, they know to look at their hook on the door. I love these things!

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Nine Christmas Addition Center Games!

78 Pages of Christmas Themed Center Games
Addition Facts with Zero ~ Addition Doubles ~ Addition Doubles Plus One
Addition Plus One ~ Addition Plus Two ~ Addition Make Ten
Addition Fast Eights ~ Addition Fast Nines ~ Adding 10 More
Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction.
Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction.
Add and subtract within 20 with counting.
Add and subtract within 20.
Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction.
Fluently add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies


All 9 themes come in color and in black & white so you can save money on color ink! Print the black & white ones for hands-on homework! Each theme also comes with matching different Student Directions.
For Sale at TPT ~ Click Here to See More!

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