A Forced Vacation!

Our New Home!
I am forcing myself to go on "vacation" until August 8th! It is so hard don't you agree? Your mind is always racing as a teacher, planning new lessons, setting your room up for your new boys and girls, the list goes on and on and on...
We are closing on our new house and packing and having a garage sale and moving and unpacking and this list also goes on and on and on! We have been building this house since Feb. 12th and we've had a few speed bumps, but God has a plan & his plan was to get us all moved in right after summer school and right before school starts, so I'm very excited! :)
I will miss all your great blogs & I look forward to school starting and getting back into this wonderful Bloggy World as soon as possible!
Happy Summer Everyone, I'll See You August 8th!


  1. Fern, the house is beautiful. Even if it's forced, enjoy the vacation!

  2. Good luck on your move Fern! See you in August.


  3. How exciting! We are building a house next spring...I can't wait!

  4. Congratulations! Your home is gorgeous!

  5. Your new home is lovely. Have fun moving in. I will miss you!

  6. Thanks ladies! The closing is draaaaaaaaaaaaging on & on, it seems like VA Loans need every piece of paper in the World including your 7th grade report cards!!!
    I just miss everyone's blogs too much! I'm back, 'cause I'm packed and I'm bored! {Sorry, I sound like a kid in your class....I'm boooooooooooooored!}
    ~Fern :)

  7. He!He! I'll bet you can't say your boooooooored now...! ;)


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