Repurposing Garage Sale Items for Your Classroom!

We hit a garage sale early this morning & found a cup? bowl? mug? Well, we'll just say something red & also a little turtle at an estate sale. They were so dirty, but the darlin' teen said, "Mom, it can be a pencil holder for your new classroom." So we got them both for a quarter. It always helps to say, "This is for my classroom, how much do you want for it?" {grin, grin, grin!} I wish I had taken the before picture with all the garden dirt, but I had cleaned it up before I thought about OH' BOY 4TH GRADE's blog's upcoming contest about repurposing! So the teen and I took a few quick pictures & the two nasty garden items became a new pen/pencil cup for school! Cute, cute, cute!

BEFORE! {But I wish I had taken the picture with the items still dirty!}
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  1. Gotta love garage sale finds! :-) The kids will love it...that turtle is probably the closest my students would ever get to a class pet, ha!

  2. I LOVE garage sales! I found an awesome chair for $3 a few months ago that's just sitting on my house waiting for some new fabric and a staple gun! I'll have to post when I finally redo it. Thanks for sharing=)
    F is For First Grade

  3. I love this part of your post:
    "This is for my classroom, how much do you want for it?" {grin, grin, grin!}
    People must support teachers.


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