Easy Foldable Animal Puppets ~ Our Gators!

We made easy, foldable Gator puppets now that the FCAT is over! Our school is the Gators {it just kills the 'Nole in me!} and they ♥loved, ♥loved, ♥loved doing this activity. I usually do it at the beginning of the year and make a different animal each month, it is great for listening skills!

First take a piece of 12 x 18 construction paper, as you can see in the picture, I let them pick green, or girl pink or boy blue...some one picked purple, so we rolled with that idea too! Then fold it into thirds lengthwise {hot dog bun style} then flip it over so the solid side is on the outside. Next fold it in half. Then only take one side and fold that backwards so it will be 1/4th of the length. Pancake flip it completely over and fold the remaining side backward into the 1/4th shape. The students can now put their hands into the top and bottom fold and with no glue, staples or tape, it will hold their hands and become a quick and easy puppet.

Step By Step Directions

Place the 3D eyes on top by cutting a "house shape" with a rounded roof, fold the bottom a little bit and glue it down, easy-cheesy 3D eyes! Then you are good to go with any decorations, teeth with scrapbooking scissors, tongues, hair bows, bow ties, anything they want! I love how they all turn out differently! :)

Later, pink makes a great pig, yellow makes a great duck bill, peach and brown great humans, you will love it & it takes 20 minutes at the most so it makes a great Daily Five activity!


  1. I followed along until the all of the different folds- would it be possible for you to post pictures at the different stages of the directions? I love doing following directions/foldables with my kids!

    Thank you!
    Primary Connections

  2. Beth, What a great idea! I will be in my classroom working tomorrow & I can do it then.....I'm telling you ~ once you do it, you will not be able to stop using it! :)

  3. Beth & Peace and Blessing ~ It is now on my blog with my chunky little fingers! Thanks for asking, I hope it helps!


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