Center Games Using Items from the Clearance Easter Stuff!

Today at Wal*Mart they have all the Easter Candy on clearance!

This is a Cadbury Gift Egg that had an assortment of candies in 16 y/o picks it up and says, "Mom, this would make a great center game!" :) She's been hangin' with me too long! ☺ So I added three dice, taped up the side and made it! Now, depending on what grade I have next are some ideas:

1. Order of numbers, greatest to least or least to greatest

2. Addition of three numbers

3. Multiplication of three numbers

4. Calculator activities.....add 3 numbers or multiply 3 numbers, etc.....

Any other suggestions out there?

This is just a simple matching of the 12 times tables/multiplication facts. Every day in my math class the children visit a 10 minute center based entirely on math facts, so this is just something a little different for this week. I know, Easter is over, but never once has any of them complained "Hey! Pumpkins?!?! Halloween was last week!!"

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