An Anchor Chart for Introducing Angles!

This Is My Favorite Angle Anchor Chart!
I know it is not pretty, but the students make one at the same time and take it home too! Go Math covers the angles in one day and then moves right along! :(
I tell the students to put the poster up in their room and tell their parents everything they learned about angles! Amazing! The next day they really have a handle on it and can usually draw the four main angles without anything up in the classroom!
All you need is four pipe cleaners, construction paper and tape!
1. Have the students fold the paper into fourths.
2. Model and bend each pipe cleaner into the correct angles.
3. Tape down and label.
4. Discuss Real World locations of these angles and write them on the back. 
For example: The letter L. A clock face. A greater than or less than sign.

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  1. I love this idea! Brilliant! Love pipe cleaners!



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