Happy Half Birthday!
I am a June birthday ~ what does that mean exactly? To a little girl, it meant NEVER getting to celebrate her birthday at school...no cute hat for me, no cupcakes from home, no birthday song at the calendar, no pencil or card from my teacher ~ true, there are so many hardships in the World, but when I was little and in 2nd grade it SEEMED like every kid had their "Birthday" day at school but me! So when I started teaching I celebrated the summer birthday kids' HALF BIRTHDAY. If they were born on June 16th, we celebrated on Dec. 16. My student's have always loved this! 
So when I had children, we celebrated their half-birthdays too! My daughter's half-birthday is May 5, Cinco de Mayo, so it is always easy to remember. She had her best friend over and we grilled steaks, potatoes and made modified rainbow cupcakes. {I ♥love, ♥love, ♥love being back in Florida! I love eating outside!} It was a nice evening! 
Rainbow Cupcakes
I had found the rainbow cupcakes online somewhere and wanted to make them next March for when we do Roy G. Biv and study the rainbow...they were not as easy as it looked, but they tasted great!
So celebrating her half-birthday made me wonder, what do other teachers like to do for their summer birthdays?


  1. I usually do them during the month of May. If I can get them on the day of their birthday, we do that. For example, if their bday is July 16, we try and celebrate May 16th. It doesn't always work out perfectly, but it has worked out pretty well. The kids definitely love that they get to celebrate with their friends at school and get that pencil and sticker!

  2. I let my summer birthdays chose any day they wish to celebrate! It normally ends up being their half birthdays because they love that idea but sometimes it's just another special day! I have one little cutie who has a summer birthday but celebrated her "birthday" in the classroom on the anniversary of her adoption date! So cute!

  3. Thanks for sharing, I love those ideas! :)

  4. I feel your pain on the summer birthday. My birthday is the last day of June. But I have always loved having a "summer theme" birthday: pool, beach, water park, slip n slide!

    For my students in my class we celebrate their birthday in June the last week of school. Since I have little ones they love the idea of celebrating just a month early. I like the idea of half birthdays and may do this next year. I just want to make sure no one gets left out. I give my students a bookmark, pencil, huge sticker, and lots of hugs on their birthdays or days we celebrate their birthday.


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