Center Games Using Items from the Clearance Easter Stuff!

Today at Wal*Mart they have all the Easter Candy on clearance!

This is a Cadbury Gift Egg that had an assortment of candies in 16 y/o picks it up and says, "Mom, this would make a great center game!" :) She's been hangin' with me too long! ☺ So I added three dice, taped up the side and made it! Now, depending on what grade I have next are some ideas:

1. Order of numbers, greatest to least or least to greatest

2. Addition of three numbers

3. Multiplication of three numbers

4. Calculator activities.....add 3 numbers or multiply 3 numbers, etc.....

Any other suggestions out there?

This is just a simple matching of the 12 times tables/multiplication facts. Every day in my math class the children visit a 10 minute center based entirely on math facts, so this is just something a little different for this week. I know, Easter is over, but never once has any of them complained "Hey! Pumpkins?!?! Halloween was last week!!"

Daily Five ~ Writing ~ Writer's Workshop

When we do the Daily Five in our classroom I have the students who have selected Writing remain at their seat. In Florida we the FCAT writing test in 4th grade, so this helps to teach them that most of the time writing is something that is an independent activity. I love looking up from my small group and seeing them writing their little hearts out! We have really developed some amazing little authors this year! :)


Daily Five ~ Word Work

I let my kids sit on the floor, under tables, on bean bags, with clipboards, at my teacher desk, but for some reason this year...they love to sit at the big ole' U-Shaped table! Yesterday we took our -le and -el spelling words and broke them into syllables and sorted them into catagories...boring!! but a good skill to know and to remember which words are spelled with an -el or an -le, so to make it fun, we call it Rainbow Words like 1st grade ~ they can't wait to pick that work station/center because of the markers! Oh, it's just the little things! :)


Daily Five ~ Read to Self

I love the Daily Five and I have been promising myself and my students that I would get some of their pictures up now that I have a separate parent permission slip for photos....Here are some of my darlin's having "free selection" during Read to Self. They may sit where they like and where they can behave! :)


Teaching Blog Addict

I love, love, love this site ~ if you haven't been, you need to check it out! So many great things out there! Also....just look at the cute little button ~ I love buttons!

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